I. McAlister

who u want i only rlly have harrison or lacey she nice

i want lacey then if she nice yes


So is anyone going to throw a party or…?

I ask because I’m too lazy to plan one myself. But really, why is everyone so calm and well behaved when we got the green light to do whatever crazy shit we want?

The second she caught his sight he knew he had made the right decision. She stood up and gave him one of those bright smiles, you know, the kind that makes you smile back without even noticing you’re doing it. He didn’t hear her saying his name but he saw the familiar syllables forming on her lips and how he had thought of this moment.

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oH    it's blond so it's maverick    gpoy    maverick    c*   

he still loves me, too | mcevans


"He loves me."

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god fckgmnd amnti

Despite what those love comedy films portrayed, romantic impulsive decisions to go chase the person you love don’t always end up with two people kissing each other passionately at the gate of the airport finally confessing their ever lasting love. Ian can assure you that, they’re bullshit. For him, it ended with a fat old man laughing so hard he was out of air. Really.

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i love when carol writes i LOVE IT ~icona pop voice~

blowin kiss :*    ooc   

During Maverick’s first year at Hogwarts, he wrote a letter to Ian at least once every two weeks. Now he was turning 15 soon and now he had his own friends and hobbies to keep him busy at school, but every once in a while he still wrote a brief letter or two to his godfather, updating on what’s been happening in his life. 

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Looks like all the parents are gone now.


I was too excited about the fact that I had an actual job offer to think about the consequences that came with it. Though our usual way of showing affection is avoid each other, so it’s all good.


If the Potters, Weasleys and etc can keep on living together for generations then I suppose anyone with a family member or two can survive in the same castle without much interaction, I guess. At least you’re both on the same page.

I think it’s actually creepy how good..well off all of your parents look.


That thought alone is a little shallow, potions aka plastic surgery for wizards. If I look like an old hag at 50, I’m excepting it, it’s human. I’ll spit a hoagie at whoever’s really bothered by it. 

Oh, you so have to recite that one to him. He’ll love you forever. You can suck up to my family, and I can try to stop staring at your god father. 


"A little shallow"? I think we’re beyond that already, we’re silently trained from the start that this shallow exterior is necessary for our survival. A few of us will resist and be different, just like everything else, but the mass will follow the lead of fake ass, fake smile, fake hair rules and think it’s the "proper" way to live. I don’t say right or wrong because despite not being a fan of the potions and treatments like you, I don’t condemn those who prefer it. As long as it works for them and don’t mess with my life then I’m good. 

I know you don’t like to be reminded but you’ve been blessed with great genes, I’m sure you’ll still be naturally hot by the time you’re 50, Georgie.

And gross, no, don’t say that about uncle Ian, I mean I know he’s not blood related to me but it’s almost like it, shush, stop talking, you can’t, nope.