I. McAlister

Write things and burn it up?


You just boooo’d me, Mav, you boooo’d me and I’m supposed to take you seriously? Counting on me? Well now I can’t let you down. 


Georgia Jinora? What are you, my grandfather? Regular. Unless you can come up with one crazy thing you keep buried inside of you, then you’re flat, and I know for a fact I’m not going to associate myself with a best friend that’s flat. I’ll apologize when you prove to me that you’re not regular. And I’ll also get you some marshmallows, since I haven’t had a toasted one since December. 

Georgie, I thought you had agreed to join me on the journey to remain fun and extremely childish for as least another 8 years and help me drive my dad and godfather crazy with silly shenanigans. Go away with your mature and reasonable senses. [he bats his eyelashes with a lopsided grin]

Your grandpa is a cool dad, don’t say that as if it’s a bad thing, Jinora. 

See, I can’t tell you if you’re trying that hard to pull a secret out of me or not when you comply to my requests but since you’re being nice and since I am an incredible nice person and great best friend I’m going to tell you one crazy thing I’ve kept as secrets for years. I’ll tell you when you bring the marshmallows here because I’m mentally preparing myself for the laughter and teasing I’ll get from you when I tell you so give me the goods first.

Write things and burn it up?


Oh don’t Georgie me, everyone is just really immature. I stopped being excited about burning shit in my 5th year. 

So you mean to tell me you don’t have any hidden secrets? Nothing that burdens you, nothing you wouldn’t want to feel rid of? You’re pretty regular, aren’t you? 


I see so Georgie is too mature for fun games, boooooo when did you become a boring person? I was counting on ya.

Regular. Regular? Georgia Jinora, how dare you call me regular? I am beyond offended I would like an apology and a bag of marshmallows right now cause damn I’m craving those fluffy bastards now. 

Write things and burn it up?


It’s supposed to be cathartic, like releasing and freeing. But I guess you’re right, the students here find a way to make everything beautiful into chaos. 



Georgie, we’re a bunch of teenagers kids with a free pass to burn shit down, I know there will be a couple of people who will actually enjoy this freeing moment to put their feelings into it and whatever, that’s good for them I guess.

But I don’t know about you but this looks more interesting when I throw marshmallows into the bonfire than papers with words. Come on. Burn secrets? [makes judgy face im too lazy for gifs im sorry]

mav: georgia   

are u lost friend

Write things and burn it up?

Every teenager’s dream. This is a recipe for disaster, I love this school.


[Hugging Ian is like her favourite thing and she buries her face in his neck and just smiles and is like half listening to him but it’s kinda hard to do bc she’s just so wrapped up in this hug.] Ian, you’re in America, I’m sure there’s several beautiful faces for you to fall over. [She’s teasing but she’S KINDA SCARED THAT IT’S TRU]

I’ve kept in contact with some of my good friends but. They’re not you, I just missed relying on you. It doesn’t sound that great, I know, but it’s odd not having you on my side, helping me when I need it. [Smiles when he says that he wants her to owl him bc hearing that he wants something from her is like basically the best thing ever]

Brooke, I’m in America and there are several beautiful faces around me and yet I still think of you constantly, what does that tell you? [He plays with the strands of her hair and smile down at her] 

Are you sure you need my help still? [He raises his eyebrows wondering. She was naive but she’s not stupid, he never thought so] I like hearing you missed me around but I refuse to believe that me being away equals you feeling lonely here… I mean, I felt sad and quite reluctant to stay there during the first few months, I wanted to come back running home, to you but it was something I had to do, you know? [Ian pulls her hands on his and offer a small grin] But I am sorry I made you lonely, that was the last thing I wanted to do, believe me, love.


I know you do. [Doesn’t even move her hands she wants to touch his face forever she missed looking at him and being allowed to indulge in his beauty :~((]

I’ve been great. I mean, I- well, it’s been good, but I’ve been lonely. I wanted to owl you, and see how you’re doing, but I didn’t want to bother you. You must be very busy.

[Kisses the side of her wrist and pulls her for a tight hug, letting her familiar scent hit him and gosh it’s been so long and life is a-okay and in all honesty he’s been better at not thinking of her so often nowadays but it’s Brooke and all smiles and touch so of course he misses it.] Your happy face is the best face always. I’ve been looking at a lot of different faces since I left but yours is still my favourite one.

[He lets go enough to look at her as she speaks and oh I’ve been lonely. I wanted to owl you and fuck what is she saying?] You’re lonely? Why would you be lonely? Brooke, you still have everyone here, don’t you? You can’t be lonely and I… I’ve been busy, yes, and I’m sorry I never uh tried to reach you as well, but. But if you want you could- You should owl me. Anytime. Whenever you feel like it, alright? I would really like to hear from you sometimes. 


That makes me very happy. Some people don’t get to be still them, but I’m very happy you’re still you, ‘else we couldn’t be friends anymore. I’m still me too! At least I like to think so, I try to be. I don’t knoIw if you deserve the flattery, Mr., but I guess the reunion deserves itself one honest compliment. Have you gotten taller? [She looked up at him from, smiling teasingly.] 

Gross! Why would you want to see me like that any who? I’ve got an image to uphold, you know. Oh no, you clearly haven’t seen me in the morning, or on the field after eight hour practices. [He kissed her temple and she shook her head, rubbing it on his shirt.] Gross. [She groaned into him, giggling and squeezing him tight. Her arms were able to wrap fully around his waist. She laughed as he swayed. When the hug was over she didn’t let go, just rose her head to look up at him, her chin resting on his chest.] Yeah. I’ve been good, really good, better now. I missed you. But I’ve been good, career wise and all, love departments going okay I guess too. You? You look good, city boy.

[He started rambling and she sighed, taking in a breath big enough to feel her rise under him.] I don’t know why you’re so nice to me, especially since how I’ve been in the past. Oh stop it, you’re just saying that because you’re you. [Annie nibbled her bottom lip, and laughed, saying something next that was very familiar.] You’re adorable. [She said honestly, and buried her head in his shirt.] Kind of, maybe, not really. 

More often than I’d like to admit I wish I could be very different from what I am, but I guess one of my qualities is stubbornness and for that I guess I rebel against my own wishes and remain the same. I think the wanting to not be me is very me so honestly I have no idea where I wanted to go with this, I just like talking about myself.

One honest compliment? Just one? Getting cheap there, Prescott? I’ll give you two because I’m better than that: you look stunning, as usual, and I missed your voice. Not sure if that file as a compliment but it’s an honest thought, unlike your “have you gotten taller?” one, missy. [Shakes his head disapprovingly but still laughing]

Sure, the idea of you waltzing around geared up and sweaty is a bad thought, uhmmmm. [He wiggles his eyebrows cause fuck me I would be into a geared up Annie gosh]

I thought we had already established I’m always good but yeah, I’m alright. Life is good, easy. Simple. Too simple sometimes but I shouldn’t complain much… [He sighs at the comfortable mood that surrounds them comparing to their past intense and messy past encounters and rubs her back] I don’t think I was ever called that but uh thanks? You’re cute too when you wanna be.


Ian. [She doesn’t even hesitate she just reaches forward and cups his face and is sMILING SO MUCH SHE’S SO HAPPY HE’S THERE SHE MISSED HIM SO MUCH bye.] You look beautiful.


[Chokes on tears probably oKAY NO maybe just a tiny bit. He fucking giggles and hold her hands against his face] If you say so, thank you but I still like your face better.

You look the same as- You know, last time…

Hi, Brooke, how have you been?